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About Blu-ray & DVD & Video & Audio

What Can a Blu-ray Media Player Do for You?

Blu-ray as a HD format has been in market for many years, while many people still feel confused at the Blu-ray playback and what a Blu-ray player can do.

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What is Cinavia and How to Solve Cinavia Code 3 Issue

This article will show what is Cinavia, and how to solve cinavia code 3 issue.

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About Blu-ray Folder and How to Play Blu-ray Folder

This article will introduce you what is Blu-ray folder, what it contains and how to play Blu-ray folder.

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About ISO Image File and How to Play ISO files

This article will introduce you what is ISO file, the usage of it and how to play ISO files.

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About MPEG Standards/Format

This articel will show you the details about MPEG. and how to MPEG-2 or VOB files with iDeer Blu-ray Player.

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About Blu-ray and Blu-ray player software

Blu-ray disc is more advanced than DVD, learn more about Blu-ray and Blu-ray player software from this article.

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