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Good Blu-ray Drive and Best Blu-ray Player Software for PC

It is always confusing to pick a Blu-ray drive for the pc and best Blu-ray player software that works well with the drive and the PC. There are numbers of good or bad reviews about lots of products. However, keep the below things in minds, you can easily find which is good and choose the most suitable Blu-ray drive and Blu-ray player software for your PC.

If you are thinking about adding a Blu-ray drive to your PC, you should know that Blu-ray drives are typically in three types. Blu-ray readers can read all the formats, including CD, DVD and Blu-ray, but can't write and burn. Blu-ray combo drives can read Blu-ray discs but can read and write CDs and DVDs as well. Blu-ray burners can deal with reading and writing to all three formats.

For a Blu-ray drive, such as LG WH12LS30 12X Blu-ray Burner SATA Black: 12X means the read speed, the bigger number, the higher speed. SATA is an interface that allows for enhancements to the computing platform, such as easier integration, faster performance, and more efficient design. If you want to be able to burn Blu-ray discs, look for drives that have BD-R or BD-RE capabilities. LG BH14NS40 is an excellent choice for a burner, with a capacity up to 128GB and a very fast 14x recording speed for BD-R media. If you want save money, you can consider LITE-ON ihes112-04 with a 12x playback speed for Blu-ray media.

After getting your PC a Blu-ray drive, you need to find best Blu-ray player software for Blu-ray and DVD playback. Windows operating system doesn't have native Blu-ray playback support, so if you want to play DVD or Blu-ray on the PC, you have to use Blu-ray player software. Some Blu-ray drives may come with such software, most of which can't work well. How to choose best Blu-ray player software for your PC?

When we compare software on the market, they can all offer the same basic functionality (that is the BD playback). However when it comes to other functionality and features, the software can differ. A Blu-ray Disc is currently the best resource of high-definition video up to 1080p and high-quality audio. Superior PC Blu-ray player software should support the video and audio technology that deliver high-quality picture and sound.

In terms of video, we can check whether or not the software can support most disc formats and provide automatic display stretch without any loss in quality. As for audio, we look at whether the software preserves all audio tracks (like DTS HD Master Audio, Dolby TrueHD Audio, etc.) and subs streams and offers custom and environmental settings based on a user's computer configuration. After all, perfect effect of the movies is what we are looking for.

With regard to best Blu-ray player software, the iDeer Blu-ray Player is exactly what you need for your home or office. This multimedia player plays all latest Blu-ray discs, DVD, multiple video and audio formats without any loss in video and audio quality. The 1080p video and DTS 5.1 audio systems are included to get a better audiovisual experience. With the core technology- AirX, you can also watch blu ray movies on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch with Wi-Fi.

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Good PC Blu-ray player software allows the users to customize viewing output, controls and other video and audio settings according to their willingness. The software itself should be designed with simplified interface, easy-to-navigate control panel and easy configuration of audio and video settings. Only when the software is pleasing to the eye can we have the mood to try and use. You can find this great feature in iDeer Blu-ray Player.

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iDeer Blu-ray Player allows you to enjoy high-quality Blu-ray playback anywhere with simple interface and powerful function, download iDeer PC Blu-ray Player and have a try.

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