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Best DVD Player Software for Mac

Maybe you think your VLC media player or Quick Time, etc is excellent free media player software which is good enough for video playback on Mac. However, when it comes to DVD, especially commercial DVD in other regions, HD DVD or Blu ray DVD, you can see the shortcomings or disadvantages of a media player software. Some programs are not even able to open DVD, let alone play it. So what is the best DVD Player Software for Mac?

The basic functionality of a DVD player software for Mac is disc playback capacity. If any software has no DVD playback support, how can it be called DVD player software. DVD player software should have the ability to play not only common DVDs, but also commercial DVDs protected with DVD region codes and CSS encryption.

Mac DVD player software differs when it comes to supplementary features and functionalities, which are the key criteria to evaluate best Mac DVD player software applications. First, best Mac DVD player can play DVD, especially HD DVD, without any loss in video and audio quality. Second, it offers a range of features to enhance overall viewing experience, including, to customize video and audio settings, support DVD menu, take snapshots, connect to web and so on. Third, it has a clean interface and easy-to-navigate control panel that simplify audio and video settings. Last but not least, a range of tutorials and support service.

iDeer Mac Blu-ray player is officially authorized Mac DVD Blu Ray player software around the world. It is not only Blu-ray player software, but also a good media player, meaning that it can play any commercial or non-commercial Blu Ray as well as DVD and video and audio formats, including MOV, AVI, MOV, FLV, MP4, etc. And it is free if you don't play commercial Blu-ray disc.

How to play DVD on Mac?

1. Download iDeer Mac Blu-ray Player and install it on the Mac.

2. Insert a DVD to the DVD or Blu-ray drive, the player will automatically load disc information and play it. You can also click the icon on the right bottom to select "Open File" or "Open Disc".

3. Adjust video and audio configuration by right click or menu on the top, if you want to customize video effects.

All in all, iDeer Mac Blu-ray player is a best and easy-to-use Mac DVD player software. Whether you want to want to watch the latest DVD movies on your Mac or build your own home theater PC, this best DVD player software allows you to enjoy high quality playback anywhere.

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