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Is Any Blu-ray Media Player out there for Mac?

You may have tried lots of media players, such as VLC Media Player, QuickTime, Windows Media Player, RealPlayer, KMPlayer, ALLPlayer or others, just to find one that can play blu-ray on Mac. Sometimes you also have to put up with unnecessary features packed with or CPU utilisation reaching new highs, but still can't play your Blu-ray discs or files. Have you ever wondered whether there is any Blu-ray media player for Mac or not. Well, this article will show you a good mac blu-ray media player.

blu-ray media player

Why can't common media players can't play Blu-ray discs or files? You should know that Blu-ray is a patented technology, and the discs are protected with region codes, AACS, BD+,etc. If any player wants to play blu-ray, it should have appropriate codecs purchased. Operating systems, Windows or Mac OS, don't have native support either, which means if you want to watch Blu-ray movies on Mac or Windows, you have to use a third-party program which can remove Blu-ray protection and support Blu-ray playback.

When you search in Google, it is quite easy to find one Blu-ray media player, but what kind of Blu-ray media ripper is good and can meet your viewing requirements. This article will teach you how to choose a good Blu-ray media player and how to play Blu-ray on Mac.

What is a good Mac Blu-ray media player?

1. Play Blu-ray discs or ISO files on Mac without quality loss.
2. Decrypt commercial Blu-ray DVD for personal use.
3. Settings for video/audio customization
4. Easy to use and other advanced settings

As a professional Blu-ray media player, iDeer Mac Blu-ray Player have all the basic features for Blu-ray playback. It can also play all other video and audio formats files, DVDs and photograhs. With the core technology--AirX, this Blu-ray media player can play Blu-ray on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch with WiFi.

This iDeer Blu-ray Player is a fast, efficient and great performer. Download one from official website and have a try. Just in a few steps you can enjoy your Blu-ray movies. You don't need to put up with what you went though with your kinds of media players any more. Besides, this player is free if you don't play Blu-ray.

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