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Blu-ray Picks for July 9-16 2012

Have you enjoyed some excellent movies in the Holiday week? Since a new week begins, you definitely can't wait to know what new Blu-rays you can buy and enjoy, just read on to get our list of Blu-ray Picks for July 9-16 2012.


· American Reunion

This is a movie just having hit the theatre on April 6, 2012. We are lucky that so soon we get the chance to view its Blu-ray. As the eighth installment in the American Pie film series overall, American Reunion offers some wonderful time to American Pie lovers. You can see the original cast coming back for high school reunion. This movie is well-received when it is put on the big screen, so we can reasonably expect a big hit for this newly-come Blu-ray.

American Reunion Bluray

· The Smurfs

Something comes timely for the summer vacation. The Smurfs in Blu-ray will be a good choice for many kids and students. When you see those little cute creatures and vivid actions, the plot is not so important, just see The Smurfs again and have some wonderful amusement at home.

The Smurfs Bluray


· Outland

It's a science fiction thriller film released in 1981. Directed by Peter Hyams, and starred Oscar winner Sean Connery, this is surely a classic deserving your review. Let's just see how the Federal Marshal William O'Niel fight for the justice alone.

Outland Bluray

· The Big Bang Theory

This famous American sitcom is released in Blu-ray now! There are the complete first season (2007-2008) and second season (2008-2009) for you to select. Watching the amusing stories happening among those young guys and laughing to tears, audience especially fans for this sitcom are just having something valuable to put into their collection now.

The Big Bang Theory Bluray

· Senna

A 2010 documentary tells the life of the legendary former Formula One driver Ayrton Senna, who appeared on F1 tracks in mid 1980's and reaped 3 World Champion titles during his ten years' fight in this top motor sport. The fatal accident took this great driver away from us eternally, but we can still reminisce and get to know him from all those valuable recordings and interviews. Just get this Blu-ray to learn Senna in an all-round way. This is a movie having high credits on all kinds of web sites, and motor sport lovers especially should not miss this classic.

The Senna Bluray

We recommend the above Blu-ray picks for July 9-16 and you can just decide to buy something great according to your own interest. For more information about how to play more latest Blu-ray disc, you can refer to Play popular Blu-ray Movies

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