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Can a Mac play Blu-ray discs?

Blu-ray is currently the best resource for high definition video up to 1080p and high quality audio. However, a Mac computer does not have the bundled feature of Blu-ray disc playback. To get a Mac play Blu-ray discs, you will need an external Blu-ray drive and a third-party tool to work with it.

Get Mac play Blu-ray discs

You should check the below utilities first.

1) A Mac computer
2) An external Blu-ray drive (USB should be above 2.0)
3) Mac Blu-ray Player software
4) A Blu-ray disc
5) Network connection

Play Blu-ray on Mac

If you do not have any Mac Blu-ray player software, you can free download iDeer Mac Blu-ray Player and have a try. iDeer Mac Blu-ray Player software is a universal media player for playing Blu-ray discs, Blu-ray folders, Blu-ray ISO files, DVD formats, video and audio. With an AirX option, you can also enjoy Blu-ray movies on iPhone/iPad/iPod touch with Wi-Fi.

When you get all the above ready, you can start to play a Blu-ray disc on the Mac. Connect the Blu-ray drive to your Mac via USB interface. Run iDeer Mac Blu-ray player and insert a Blu-ray disc. The program will automally read Blu-ray informaiton from the source disc. Then you can enjoy the HD Blu-ray movie on your Mac. You can also stream Blu-ray informat to your Apple devices, and watch Blu-ray movie on iPhone, iPad, etc.

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