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Why Do We Use Computer Blu-ray Player

Blu-ray discs are getting more and more popular in our daily life and electronic Blu-ray players are becoming an essential tool used to play Blu-ray discs. These players allow users to watch full 1080p Blu-ray movies on HDTV. There is also much inconvenience. For example, you can not play Blu-ray discs without a TV and it is not easy to move it to anywhere when you want to see a movie. However, computer Blu-ray player or PC Blu-ray player can more satisfy your requirements for Blu-ray playback.

We recommend you iDeer Blu-ray Player, a powerful media player for Blu-ray discs, videos, DVDs, etc on both Mac and Windows. Let's take a look at what a computer Blu-ray player can benefit users.

1. Play Blu-ray disc on computer without the confines of places

Computer Blu-ray player enables users to play play Blu-ray discs on computers, including desktop computers, laptops, Mac, iMac, etc. iDeer Blu-ray Player can work on both Windows and Mac OSs and greatly facilitates playback of Blu-ray discs, Blu-ray ISO files, DVD and other video, etc with simple and friendly interface.

computer Blu-ray player

2. Snapshot: Alt+Ctrl+S

You can take a snapshot for Blu-ray movies by shortcut keys or pressing the "Snapshot" in "Tools" with iDeer Blu-ray Player software.

snapshot the Blu-ray movie

3. Adjustments for video effect

Click "Windows" button and select "Adjustments", you can change video effect by adjusting brightness, saturation, contrast, gamma and hue in video tuner. If you want to reset them, you can press "Reset" button. If you want to keep the settings, you can check the "Always apply the settings" on the left bottom.

adjust video effect

4. Adjust Aspect Ratio when playing video

If you want to adjust apsect ratio, you can find it in "Video" on the tool menu. You can scale your video to a specific size mode using this function.

adjust apsect ratio

5. Change screen size

You can adjust screen size by shortcut keys or through the options in "Video" on the tool menu.Half size: Ctrl+1
Normal size: Ctrl+2
Double size: Ctrl+3
Fit to the screen: Ctrl+4

6. AirX makes Blu-ray playable on iPhone/iPad/iPod touch

AirX is the core technology in iDeer Blu-ray Player, which makes Blu-ray movies accessible to iPhone/iPad /iPod touch. With Airx, Blu-ray movies can be shared between Mac & PC and iPhone/iPad /iPod touch in the same Wi-Fi environment.

7. Share Blu-ray movies on the Facebook or Twitter

You can share the video on the Facebook or Twitter with the built-in "Share" button.

share Blu-ray movies

With this computer Blu-ray player, you can enjoy a splendid visual journey anytime and anywhere. There are also more advantages that can not all be listed one by one. You can free download iDeer Blu-ray Player and have a try.

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