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Best Free Mac DVD Player for Mac Computers

Are you still looking for a best DVD player for your Mac computers? Look no further. This article will introduce you the best free Mac DVD Player for you to play your DVD collections on Mac with a great quality of sound and images. iDeer Mac Blu-ray Player hands it to its users relatively easy. Just a couple of steps away from enjoying HD quality on the palm of your hand.

Film makers came up with ways to protect their intellectual property from being pirated or even leaked to the public before public release. DVD protection such as CSS, Region, RCE, region code, etc are encoded in the disks to control the release of news and copyright content about their films, which usually causes some DVD movies failing to play on Mac.Then you may ask, is there any free Mac DVD player to play the protected DVD disc or even Blu-ray?

iDeer Mac Blu-ray Player is exactly what you need for your home or office. This new multimedia player plays DVD movies on both the Mac, and supports HD video quality with basic and improved features such as the modifiable DVD regional coding. It has optimum viewing which allows you to adjust the screen without altering the picture and the control panels are easy to pilot through.

How to Play DVD on Mac?
Step 1 Close the default DVD player. You can open System Preferences, and set CD&DVD “Ignore” for "When you insert a video DVD".
free Mac DVD player
Step 2 Free download iDeer Mac Blu-ray Player and install it to your Mac.
Step 3 Run Mac Blu-ray Player, and you can see the registration dialogue. Click the "Continue" button, you can play DVD on Mac for free.
Step 4 Insert your DVD disc, and click Open Disc, or press Ctrl+ D to open the DVD. If you want to play DVD ISO file, you can click Open File.
free Mac DVD player

Then you can see the navigation panel. Press the Play button, you can watch the movie immediately. iDeer Blu-ray Player is a free DVD player, and it also allows you to share movies and information on social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. If you want to set it as your default player, please refer to How to Set iDeer Blu-ray Player as the Default Player for Blu-ray Playback on Mac.

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