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How Can I Get Free iDeer Blu-ray Player?

Are you still looking for a piece of free Blu-ray player software for playing your Blu-ray discs? In fact, no authorized Blu-ray player, electric player or player software, is free. Blu-ray is a patented technology. Players need to pay for license free to get the authorization to play Blu-ray format videos. There is a method for users to get free iDeer Blu-ray Player for Blu-ray playback.

iDeer Blu-ray player software, is a Blu-ray player software application used for playing Blu-ray on the computers running the Microsoft Windows and Mac operating systems. With this program, users can directly load Blu-ray information from source disc with a Blu-ray drive and play Blu-ray discs, folders or ISO files. It plays all latest Blu-ray discs and DVD in different regions, as well as multiple video and audio formats without any loss. With the core technology- AirX, users can also watch Blu-ray movies on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch with Wi-Fi.

How to Free Use iDeer Blu-ray Player

If you want to free use iDeer Blu-ray player, you can first download iDeer Blu-ray Player the Windows or Mac version for your PC. When you first launch it, a registration box will pop up. Please just click "Cancel" button, you can use the free version.

free blu-ray player software

When you play DVD discs or files, or other video files such as MOV, MKV, AVI, FLV, WMV, MP4, it is totally free with full features. If you want to play DVDs from another region, you can Set Drive Region to play it successfully. You can refer to How to Set Drive Region for iDeer Blu-ray Player?

When you play a Blu-ray disc, there is one functional limitation. There will watermark in the middle of the screen when playing Blu-Ray discs. This functional limitation will disappear after you purchase the software. NO 30 days or 5 times limited, so you have enough time to play Blu-ray disc and verify the program's functionality.

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