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How do I get purchased music back on iTunes

Some Apple users asked questions like this:" How do I get purchased music back on iTunes?"

A case given as below:

"I restored my computer and I just re installed itunes...I logged into my account, but all my purchased songs aren't can I get them back?"

Actually, you can download those songs again with your account that you used to buy. They are free for you to download again. Because you bought them. It will say something like you bought before when you press buy button. Then look at your account history to find the name of the songs.

Although it seems to be a good way to restore music songs for getting purchased music back on iTunes, maybe you will be annoyed when you find that you have to waste much more time if there are too much songs needed to download again.

Luckily, here I would like to introduce another way to get the songs back on iTunes and prevent you from asking such question "How do I purchased music back on iTunes" next time. If you have backed up on your iPod or iPhone or iPad it will be lucky for you to get music songs back on iTunes. Because you can easily transfer the songs from those apple devices back on iTunes. However, you maybe need to use the third party tool due to the restriction of iTunes. iDeer iPod to Mac Transfer Pro is such a kind of program and allows you to transfer all the music songs from iPod, iPhone and iPad to iTunes. By using this tool, you can easy to spare your time to restore iTunes without downloading songs again.

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