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How to Customize Settings?

iDeer Blu-ray Player offers a variety of setting controls for you to customize the software. Click iDeer Bluray Player (for Mac version)/ Tool (for Windows version), select Preferences option, you can open Setting dialog box to customize settings. The Settings dialog box contains the following tabs:

· General
· Playback
· Video
· Audio
· Subtitle
· Blu-ray


In the General settings tab, you may change the user interface language, theme, main screen or snapshot save path of iDeer Blu-ray player.

customize settings general

Interface: If you want to change the interface language from English to another language, such as Spanish, Japanese and Chinese, etc., you can select a language from the drop-down list. Then the user interface and display disc information will be displayed in the target language.

Theme: Choose a theme and full control panel style.

Main screen: Check Show Logo or not, and choose a path to store background images.

Snapshot: Browse to the desired folder to save captured images.

If you want to set iDeer Blu-ray player back to the original general settings, you can click Restore Defaults.


customize settings playback

You can set the movie playback options in the Playback settings tab according to your needs. The Playback tab includes the following settings:

Navigation panel: Check this box to show navigation panel to choose title, chapter, etc. before you play a Blu-ray disc.

Behavior: Check the boxes to choose to automatically play or pause the disc playback.

Forward/ Backward: Set forward/backward step length for the playing video.

Miscellaneous: Show OSD- Check to show OSD( on-screen display).
Show track control buttons when playback- Check to display track control buttons (Title, Sub and Audio) on the interface.

Note: in version 1.1.1 and later versions, Auto play and Playback Memory options are added.

Auto play: Check this box to automatically switch to full screen mode when you start playing movies.

customize settings playback memory

Playback Memory: Remember the played position of video files- playback will start from where the movie was last stopped.
Show playback memory tips- you will be asked whether to resume playback from the last stopped point when a movie disc is inserted into the drive.


customize settings video

You can use Video tab to enable deinterlace to convert interlaced video, such as common analog television signals or 1080i format HDTV signals, into a non-interlaced form. You can also choose deinterlace mode, such as Auto, Discard, Blend, Mean, etc.


customize settings audio

The Audio tab includes the following settings:

Audio Output: Use S/PDIF when available- check this option to enable S/PDIF (Sony/ Philips Digital Interconnect Format) to output audio, and choose to turn on/off /auto detection of Dolby Surround.

Effects: Use Effect option to set audio effects, you can choose headphone surround effect when you have a headphone on to get better effect, and set volume normalizer to bring the average or peak amplitude to a target level.


customize settings subtitle

Use the Subtitle tab to adjust subtitle settings, including subtitle display and text subtitle settings for the playing movie. You can choose subtitle encodings and encoding ways for the player.


customize settings blu-ray

The Blu-ray tab includes the following settings:

Navigation: Show hidden tracks- check this box to show hidden tracks when you open a disc;
Sort titles-check this box to automatically sort titles when you open a disc.

Network: If it is checked, iDeer Blu-ray Player will automatically check whether your computer is well connected to the Internet.

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