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How to Play Blu-ray Movies on 11-inch MacBook Air

As one of the thinnest laptops, 11-inch MacBook Air has been numbers of Apple fans' favourite ever since it first debuted back. However, it is pretty difficult if you want to play Blu-ray discs/movies on 11-inch MacBook Air, because MacBook Air has no Blu-ray drive and native Blu-ray playback support, which follows naturally from Steve Jobs' famous "bag of hurt" comment.

play blu-ray movie on 11-inch macbook air

It doesn't mean you can't make it. If you want to play Blu-ray on MacBook Air, you can follow the below tutorial and make some preparation first.


1. 11-inch MacBook Air.
2. An internal or external Blu-ray drive: USB ≥ 2.0 or FireWire ≥ 400.
3. Blu-ray Player software(iDeer Mac Blu-ray Player): Blu-ray discs are encoded with programming beyond that of a normal DVD, so you must have proper software on your Mac that decodes it properly for the movie to play and a third-party software that allows an external Blu-ray player to communicate with your MacBook.
4. Internet connection.
5. Blu-ray discs (BD).

Play Blu-ray Movies on 11-inch MacBook Air:

Step 1 Connect the Blu-ray drive to MacBook Air.

connect with blu-ray drive

Step 2 Download iDeer Mac Blu-ray Player and install it on your MacBook Air.

Step 3 Run this MacBook Blu-ray Player and insert BD into Blu-ray drive. The Blu-ray player will read Blu-ray information automatically. After a few seconds, you can watch Blu-ray movies directly on your MacBook. Or you can click the icon on the right bottom, choose "Open Disc" button to select the disc in the pop-up dialogue.

 Blu-ray discs on MacBook

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