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Is there a Blu-ray Player for Mac yet?

"Apple still make their computer not support Blu-ray natively. I tested that the newest VLC media player, it says that the movie can not be decoded.Is there a Blu-ray Player for Mac yet? Any suggestions?" This kind of question has been published on several several forums, communities and sites. This article will help you clear up doubts and give you a solution.

blu-ray player for mac

Apple doesn't have native Blu-ray playback. Blu-ray is a patented technology, appropriate licensing need to be purchased from the developer, Sony. Unfortunately, Mac OS haven't got the licensing yet, neither did most popular media players, such as VLC or Quick Time. So if you want to play Blu-ray on Mac, you have to use Mac Blu-ray player software. Since Mac computers don't have Blu-ray drive, you have to first get an external one and connect it with Mac with USB(2.0 or above). In addition, the Blu-ray discs are usually protected with some protections, such as region codes, AACS and BD+, etc, you will need professional Mac Blu-ray player software to read Blu-ray disc, remove restrictions and support Blu-ray playback.

Therefore, the key for Blu-ray playback on Mac is Mac Blu-ray player software. Most of the Mac Blu-ray player software products are not free packages due to licensing fees, the software at least allow free trials before purchase. You can test some on a Mac or MacBook. Here recommend one good Mac Blu-ray player to you--iDeer Mac Blu-ray Player. All kinds of Blu-ray discs work well on Mac,smooth playback, no dropped frames, even when running movies full screen.

This Blu-ray player for mac can play not only all Blu-ray formats, but also multiple video and audio formats, DVD as well as photographs on Mac. The app also supports DTS5.1 surround sound if you have hardware that can play it, and some new features, including screen snapshot, and its core technology--'AirX' which allows you to beam a Blu-ray movie playing on your Mac to an iOS device (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch) on your same WiFi network.

iDeer Blu-ray Player software requires an internet connection when you first put in a new disc due to the copy protections built into the discs by the motion picture studios. One a disc gets its keys, you shouldn't need to go online again. If you try another disc, it's the same process. So you had better keep Internet connection on.

You can download a free Mac Blu-ray player and test it to see how it works with your hardware. If you want to view Blu-ray movies on your Mac, this is pretty much it right now, other than some open-source hacks that don't work very well and aren't as easy to use. There are many tutorials in official website, you can refer to them and learn more functions about this product.

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