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How to Choose a PC Blu-ray Player

The birth of PC Blu-ray player software brings us the possibility to watch Blu-ray discs on computer with virtually flawless picture and sound. When we compare software products on the market, they can all offer the same basic functionality (that is the Blu-ray playback). However when it comes to other functionality and features, the software can differ. This article will you how we can evaluate each Blu-ray player software and choose your Blu-ray player for PC.

 PC Blu-ray Player

Video and Audio Effect

A Blu-ray Disc is currently the best resource of high-definition video up to 1080p and high-quality audio. Superior PC Blu-ray players are those which can support the video and audio technology that deliver high-quality picture and sound. In terms of video, we can check whether or not the software can support most disc formats and provide automatic display stretch without any loss in quality. As for audio, we look at whether the software preserves all audio tracks (like DTS HD Master Audio, Dolby TrueHD Audio, etc.) and subs streams and offers custom and environmental settings based on a user's computer configuration. After all, perfect effect of the movies is what we are looking for.

Features and User Experience

Good PC Blu-ray players are those that can provide various features and friendly user experience. The software allows the users to customize viewing output, controls and other video and audio settings according to their willingness. The software itself should be designed with simplified interface, easy-to-navigate control panel and easy configuration of audio and video settings. Only when the software is pleasing to the eye can we have the mood to try and use.

Help and after-sale service

With integrated help, after-sale support from the developers and timely upgrade, software application can get efficient functions. When we choose a PC Blu-ray player, we should learn what kind of updates provided, FAQ offered, and how can we get support, especially technical support in case any problem occurs. Usually, email support, a toll-free telephone number or live chat are supported.


The price of Bluray player software differs, so you should pay more attention and choose the right one for yourself. Do not choose the product with high price blindly without even trying it and look carefully at the upgrade principle to avoid price traps.

Good Blu-ray player software allows you to enjoy high-quality Blu-ray playback anywhere. iDeer Blu-ray player can provide all the function and features with high performance cost ratio. You can download and have a try.

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