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How to play a Blu Ray DVD on an Apple MacBook?

If you want to how to play a Blu Ray DVD on an Apple MacBook, you should know why you can't play Blu Ray DVD on a Mac. First, a MacBook doesn't have a Blu Ray drive. Second, Mac OS doesn't have native Blu Ray playback support. This follows naturally from Steve Jobs' famous "bag of hurt" comment:

"Blu-ray is a bag of hurt. I don’t mean from the consumer point of view. It’s great to watch movies, but the licensing is so complex. We’re waiting until things settle down, and waiting until Blu-ray takes off before we burden our customers with the cost of licensing."

So in order to play Blu Ray on any Apple product, including MacBook, you need a Blu Ray drive or player, and a program which can effectively remove the AACS copy-protection and be able to read Blu Ray information. iDeer Mac Blu-ray player can help you. You can free download one from official website and have a try.

If you don't know how to use it, you can find tutorial from the section "How to use" or "news". here is a detailed tutorial for your reference. If it doesn't work, you can send an email to Only in a few steps, you can watch Blu Ray movie on your MacBook.

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