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Quick way to directly play Blu-ray disc on MacBook by internal drive

As you all know, Apple products can not play a Blu-ray disc directly. That is very frustrating. But now you can play Blu-ray discs on your MacBook directly by internal drive. Here is a Quick way to make it possible with the help of internal drive swap. What you need is a Panasonic / Matshita UJ167 9.5mm slot-loading BD-ROM drive, and/or the UJ-267 BD-Recorder drive, as well as a playback application: iDeer Mac Blu-ray Player.

play Blu-ray disc on your MacBook


1. Remove the original superdrive from your Macbook.

2. Remove the top metal shell of the drive by removing its four screws.

3. Peel off a strip of silver tape that connects the top shell to the bottom shell.

4. Remove the top metal shell of the new blu-ray drive in the same way.

5. Swap out those top metal shells, and screw the drives back together, with the top metal shell from the original superdrive above the new blu-ray drive.

6. Swap out the small Y shaped mounting bracket from the plug-side of the superdrive and screw it to the new BD drive.

7. Carefully removethe flexible data connection cable from the old superdrive onto the new BD drive.

8. Reinstall new BD drive into Macbook.

Warning:DO NOT TRY THIS YOURSELF – you may damage your machine, drive, discs, etc. No warranty expressed or implied. No liability here either. You have been warned.

After reassembling the Macbook, OS X will automatically load the Blu-ray disc as soon as it is inserted. Just connect to the internet and launch iDeer Mac Blu-ray Player, you can enjoy any Blu-ray disc movie as you like.

Here is the instruction video of reassembling:

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