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Windows Media Center - Blu-ray support on laptop?

On too many sites, there are similar questions about playing Blu-ray disc on laptop with Media Center. For example, "After getting a brand new media center PC with a nice integrated blu-ray drive, I am dismayed at the lack of support media center or other third party software has for blu-ray on a PC.";or "when I go to play bluray with Windows Media Centre there is a pop-up which says that 'a critical component needs to be updated', Is there a way to force it to update? Or another program that will support Blu Ray?";another one "I have a Blu Ray drive but when I start Vista Windows Media Center and click on the DVD I get the message that I 'don't have a program to play Blu Ray disks'. What is the problem?" In a word, you can't play Blu-ray disc on laptop with Media Center.

play Blu-ray disc on laptop with Media Center

Actually, Windows Media Center can't play Blu-ray disc. Why? We all know that only Blu-ray player or drive can read Blu-ray information, and all the latest laptops or computers are equipped with one Blu-ray drive. However, although you have Blu-ray drive, your laptop still can't play any Blu-ray discs. That follows naturally from the Blu-ray support issue, or the licensing. Blu-ray is a patented technology, so it requires licensing from the developer, Sony. Windows was going to support Blu-ray in 2008, but till now, there isn't any Blu-ray support in Windows operating system. So if you want to play Blu-ray disc on laptop, you have to make it yourself.

A Blu-ray disc is also protected with: region codes which confine the Blu-ray discs to be played in a specific region, and digital rights management which restrict the usage of the disks (more information about the detailed protections, you can visit section Digital Rights Management).

To play a Blu-ray Disc, you need to use a third-party program that incudes appropriate codecs to read Blu-ray discs and support Blu-ray playback. Here is one that can help you. You can free download iDeer Windows Blu-ray player from official website: and have a try. When you insert a Blu-ray disc, run iDeer Blu-ray Player, it can automatically load the disc information. Open your disc, you can watch the Blu-ray movie on your laptop. It is not only a Windows Blu-ray player, but also a Mac Blu-ray player. You can play Blu-ray discs on Mac when connected with Blu-ray drive. It worths a try.

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