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How can I play a Blu-ray Disc on Notebook?


Playing a Blu-ray disc on notebook is not as simple as inserting a Blu-ray disc and double clicking the disc to play. You need several things to enable smooth Blu-ray playback on your notebook. This tutorial is going to show you what you need and teach how to play a Blu-ray disc on notebook step by step.

enjoy Blu-ray movies on notebook

Requirements for Blu-ray playback

If you want to play Blu-ray disc on your notebook, your notebook components must be Blu-ray compatible. Blu-ray requires fairly robust and reliable hardware for the smooth playback of Blu-ray disc. Most new operating systems offer compatibility and are equipped with the Blu-ray drive, while some older ones do not, so we suggest you upgrade your components on your computer to get smooth Blu-ray playback. Check what you need:

1. A notebook: For windows, XP/Vista/7, Intel Core2 Duo 2.4GHz processor or equivalent AMD Athlon™ processor or higher recommended; for Mac, OS X 10.5+ to 10.8Intel Core2 Duo 2.4GHz processor or higher recommended

2. Blu-ray drive, internal or external: Since Blu-ray discs utilize a technology different from DVDs', a Blu-ray supported disc drive is necessary to play BDs on a notebook. Make sure the USB of the Blu-ray drive is 2.0 or above.

3. Blu-ray Player software: Windows and Mac operating systems currently both do not have native Blu-ray support, so you still won't be able to watch a Blu-ray movie with Windows Media Player, VLC or Quicktime even if you may have all the right hardware. Thus, BD player software is required. iDeer Bluray Player is an excellent Blu-ray player software product, which can used both on Mac and Windows.

4. Internet connection: You will need to download software on the Internet and decrypt Blu-ray discs.

5. A Bluray Disc(BD)

Once you have each of the necessary components, you can enjoy high-definition playback of the latest Blu-ray movies on your notebook.

Ready to play a Blu-ray disc on notebook?

Step 1: Connect the Blu-ray driver via USB interface.

Step 2: Download and install iDeer Blu-ray player for Mac and Windows version.

Step 3: Insert a BD and play Blu-ray disc with iDeer Blu-ray player.

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