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How to Play Blu-ray Media on Windows 8 PC

Windows 8 is currently one the most popular operating systems and used by more and more people. As the latest Windows system, Windows 8 features a new touch user interface and shell, with a new Start screen instead of the "Start menu" of earlier versions. However, one inevitable question will sure come out, that is the compatibility of applications with this new OS. If you want to play Blu-ray media on windows 8 PC, you will need to find Blu-ray player software for Windows 8.

After tested thoroughly on RTM and general availability versions, iDeer Blu-ray Player is perfectly compatible with Windows 8. iDeer Blu-ray Player is one of the best Blu-ray player programs for home and office use. It plays all latest Blu-ray discs, DVD, multiple video and audio formats. The 1080p video and DTS 5.1 audio systems are included to get a better audiovisual experience. With the core technology- AirX, users can also watch Blu-ray movies on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch with Wi-Fi.

How to play Blu-ray media on Windows 8 PC?

Install Blu-ray player software

Download and install iDeer Blu-ray player software on your PC, and then run it.

Play Blu-ray DVD

Insert your Blu-ray DVD, this program will automatically read Blu-ray information and play the movie. You can also click "Open Disc..." or press Ctrl+D on the lower right to open the DVD manually.

Customize Blu-ray playback

While you are watching a Blu-ray movie, you can adjust the movie's video and audio effects, snapshot and other settings by right-click on the screen or using the main menus on the top. For more tutorials about how to use iDeer Blu-ray Player, you can refer to How to use page.

Free Download Windows 8 Blu-ray Player

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