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Can I Play Blu-ray Movies on Windows 7?

Can I Play Blu-ray Movies on Windows 7? iDeer's versatile Blu-ray Player software serves straight to the point, no-hassle and smooth playback functioning. There's no second-guessing on how Blu-ray pulls the bountiful task of running Blu-ray videos. Although, it's quiet new for market recognition it achieves what it's set out to do. Launching off all due OS-platforms including the infamous Windows 7. The following reasons list what users simply couldn't do without on a mainstream Blu-ray media player.

 Play Blu-ray Movies on Windows 7

Load videos, photos, or music file types directly on-screen for instant playback. Watch your favorite titles from your DVD collection. Load ISO image in just a few clicks through the browser menu directory. iDeer Blu-ray Player inclusively add High Definition to video playback streaming for eye catching visuals in crystal-clear defined and bright image display. Whats' more the built-in Hardware Acceleration options match the visual impact entertainment videos were meant to be watched for.

On top of that you're pretty much on the coastal highway to run any Blu-ray bound from across world regions, which I think plays a crucial role for the next wave of Blu-Ray media entertainment players. Not to mention the ability to remove AACS or BD+ on the latest Blu-Ray released titles. It's quiet obvious at this point that the iDeer Blu-ray Player aims to relieve a world-class of entertainment. The question is, are you ready to join in the fun?

The iDeer Blu-ray player supports enhanced playback performance to CD,MOV,AVI, MOV,FLV, WMV, MP4, MPEG, RMVB video-file formats. Plus, display photos, videos, or listen to sound files at the beat of you're cue.Quiet a remarkable stand-out feature which eases the hand-out between switching software for simple audio and video file(s) support. Audio compability ranges from MP3, WMA, AAC, and AC3 , however, more are suspected to be on the list as of date.

iDeer Blu-ray Player, AirX core-technology extends Blu-ray playback over to Apple devices like the iPhone, iPod Touch, and the iPad, easily stream Blu-ray with an available Wi-Fi connection.

The iDeer Blu-ray Player --- is worth a try, visit the site for more a free trial download and more information on software support. Although, I believe we'd pretty much covered the basics for now. iDeer Blu-ray Player is currently available for Windows 7 installation. Neatly packaged in a single 35MB. Upon installation follow the quick and easy wizard set-up instructions. And in just a matter of seconds you'd be taking advantage of features like multi-media file streaming, DTS5.1 audio output, and Twitter and Facebook real-time sharing.

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