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How to Play Blu-ray on iPad

The birth of Blu-ray player software enables us to play Blu-ray discs and movies on computer with a BD drive, but how to play Blu-ray on your iPad? Is there such a player can let us watch Blu-ray movies on ipad?

Since the day Apple released the first ipad in 2010, ipad received much attention and spreaded fast around the world. Supporting up to 1080p video, you can enjoy your HD movies on iPad comfortably. But you can’t enjoy your Blu-ray movies on iPad without any BD drive. However, with the release of iDeer Blu-ray player v1.0.0, this problem can be solved. The built-in “AirX” option in this version makes it possible for users to enjoy Blu-ray on an iPad conveniently. Let me show you how.


1. Mac/PC
2. iPad
3. iDeer Blu-ray Player
4. Blu-ray drive (USB should be above 2.0)
5. Network connection.

Play Blu-ray Movies on iPad

Step One Download iDeer Blu-ray Player and install it.

Choose the version you need for Mac or PC from official website, download and install it. Then, connect the Blu-ray drive with Mac or PC via USB connection, if the drive is not internal.

Step Two Enable AirX

Enable “AirX” option under the “Tools” menu first before inserting Blu-ray disc or playing local movies.

enable airx

Step Three Open Blu-ray Player on Mac/PC

Click “Open File” or “Open Disc” button to load the Blu-ray. When the loading finishes, the screen will go black and then you can get the website URL “ “.

airx url

Step Four Watch Blu-ray movies on iPad

Open an internet explorer "Safari" in your iPad and then input the URL above into it. Then the loaded Blu-ray source will be listed, you can enjoy Blu-ray movies on your iPad.

Step Five Save the URL and see the movie again

After watching , you can press the save button on your ipad and select the "Add to Home Screen" option, and then it will be saved as a shortcut on the home screen of your iPad, so that you can open the URL directly next time.

add to home screen

If you want to play Blu-ray movies on your other portable devices, such as iPhone and iTouch, you can refer to How to Play Blu-ray on mobile devices section.

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