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How to Play Blu-ray on TV with Apple TV

You can easily play Blu-ray discs on TV with your electronic Blu-ray player. You can play Blu-ray on your Mac with a few workarounds with Mac Blu-ray player software. Now you also can watch Blu-ray on TV with Apple TV. This article will show you how to Play Blu-ray with Apple TV with the help of iDeer Blu-ray Player.

iDeer Blu-ray Player is a multimedia player for playing Blu-ray, as well as DVD and other media formats. With the core technology - AirX, it supports Blu-ray playback on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, etc. iDeer Mac Blu-ray Player can also help you play Blu-ray movies with Apple TV. Follow the below steps:


1. Apple TV
2. iDeer Mac Blu-ray Player
3. Widescreen TV
4. One HDMI cable
5. A Mac computer

First off, connect Widescreen television and Apple TV by the HDMI cable, and make sure your Mac accesses the Wi-Fi. Then please carry out the following steps.

Connect Apple TV with a Mac computer.

First, use the HDMI cable to connect Apple TV with Widescreen television, and make sure your Mac can access the Wi-Fi.

Open the “System Preference” , and click the “Displays” icon, then you can open Airplay.

Play Blu-ray on TV

Choose “Office Apple TV” from “Airplay Mirroring” drop-down list, and it will connect to Apple TV automatically, then your Mac and TV will be connected.

Play Blu-ray on TV

Play Blu-ray on TV with Apple TV

Step 1. Free download iDeer Mac Blu-ray Player from official website.Install it to your Mac computer.
Step 2. Connect an external Blu-ray drive to your Mac computer.
Step 3. Run iDeer Blu-ray Player software. Insert a Blu-ray disc to Blu-ray drive. iDeer Blu-ray player will play the Blu-ray disc automatically. Then you can watch your Blu-ray movies on your widescreen TV through Apple TV.

Play Blu-ray on TV

You also can play blu-ray on you iPhone, iPad or other devices. Don’t need Apple TV, just need iDeer Blu-ray Player software. Please refer to: How to Play Blu-ray on Mobile devices.

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