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How to Play Blu-ray Discs on Win7 Easily

Blu-ray Disc is widespread all over the world and maybe one day replace DVD. However, when you play a Blu-ray disc with your Blu-ray drive, you will be bothered with that Windows doesn’t support playing Sony’s proprietary discs natively. So a third party software becomes a necessity. iDeer Blu-ray player is an easy-to–use Blu-ray player, which gives you a unique experience with HD video effect. Now let’s see how to Play Blu-ray Discs on Win7:


To play a Blu-ray movie on your computer, there are several things you will need for smooth playback.
1. A Win7 computer
2. Blu-ray drive (USB should be above 2.0)
3. Blu-ray Player software (iDeer Bluray Player)
4.Internet connection
5. A Bluray Disc(BD)

Play Bluray Movies on PC (Computer or Laptop)

Step 1 Connect the Blu-ray drive
A Blu-ray drive, internal or external, is necessary. The USB should be above 2.0.
Step 2 Download iDeer Blu-ray Player for PC
By one click you can download iDeer Blu-ray Player for PC to your PC and install it.
Step 3 Play Blu-ray movies
Run iDeer Blu-ray Player for PC first. Insert BD into the Blu-ray drive, and it will load automatically. Click the file symbol at the right bottom and choose "Open Disc", then select the disc you want to watch in the pop-up dialogue. Or choose "Open File" to open Blu-ray ISO and other video formats.

After you have choosen the chapter you want to play in the main menu, the movie begins.

play bluray on win7

You also can forward, backward or adjust the volume through the option " Control " and choose the size of the interface by clicking the button" video ". Change the background of the interface and personalize your Windows 7 Blu-ray player by clicking the button “Window”.

set your win7 Blu-ray player

You can aslo share the video on the Facebook or Twitter by clicking the button "share" with your friends.

share bluray movie2

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