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How Can I Play Blu-ray with WiFi?

If you want to know how to play Blu-ray with Wi-Fi connection, look no further. iDeer Blu-ray Player hands it to its users relatively easy. Just a couple of steps away from enjoying Blu-ray quality on the palm of your hand. However, this feature is made exclusively accessible for Apple products such as the iPhone/iTouch/and the iPad. Nonetheless, it can be dealt on either desktop/laptop stations both for Mac and Windows users. It’s worth mentioning that the following illustration is observed only with access to a Windows-OS work-station. Before we delve into matters at hand make sure to have iDeer Blu-ray Player running. I advise to take consideration of your time, this tutorial will be of use those seeking a brief and detailed explanation on how to play Blu-ray with Wi-Fi.

Okay, are we ready to begin?

First, Open iDeer Blu-Ray Player into view on your computer display monitor. Now, highlight the cursor over “Tools” which you’d find located at the top of the menu selection. Scroll down and click on “Enable AirX”...

Play Blu-ray with WiFi1

The next step is very important. On the iDeer Blu-ray Player's home screen course over to “Open File” and click. Shortly thereafter, a resizeable browser menu will appear on screen. Browse for the Blu-Ray selection of your choice. This source file will transmitted over to your Apple device via Wi-Fi all in the name of mobile entertainment.

Once the file is loaded completely a central link should appear entitled “ “. Under no circumstance should you temper or alter the directory of this web address. If you do, the effectiveness of Wi-Fi streaming on your Apple device will be compromised! If necessary, write down the web address for reference in the step ahead. Before preceding onto the next step locate your Apple device.

Play Blu-ray with WiFi2

Now, on the iPod, iTouch, or iPad call the Internet Explorer to the forefront of your home screen device. Load the web address onto the navigation space. Hit enter and in a few seconds the Blu-ray source name should be made available to you for streaming. Make sure to correctly type in the name of the web address onto the web browser as any mistakes in this procedure could potential lead to web browser crashing avoid or web spoofing.

Toggle Full-Screen On to enjoy Blu-Ray at high-quality. Visit iDeer Blu-Ray Player for a free trial and start streaming videos off your Blu-ray collection onto your Apple device. Switch to Blu-ray quality now onto your iPad/iTouch/or iPhone simply with Wi-Fi access. This is how we can play Blu-ray with WiFi.

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