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Best Solution To The Cinavia Protected Blu-ray Playback Problems

Blu-ray discs are encoded with programming beyond that of a normal DVD, such as region codes, several layers of digital rights management (DRM) including HDCP, AACS, BD+ and BD-ROM Mark. Cinavia is one kind of the most complex protection which can be easily got rid of. You can learn more about what is Cinavia and how to play Cinavia protected Blu-ray disc from this article.

What is Cinavia protection?

Cinavia Protection is an analog watermarking and steganography system developed by Verance, which is designed to stay within the audio signal and to survive all common forms of audio transfer to limit unauthorized uses of some movies and other filmed entertainment in Blu-ray Disc players. Blu-ray discs cannot easily get rid of this Cinavia protection. When playing media with the watermark embedded in the audio track on a system with Cinavia detection, your computer firmware will detect the watermark and check whether the device it is running on is authorized for that watermark.

If not authorized, you will get messages indicating that the media is not authorized to play on the device. There are mainly 4 basic kinds of message codes, including playback stopped, copying stopped, audio muted and copying stopped. For more information, you can refer to

How to play Cinavia protected Blu-ray disc?

Though Cinavia protection is hard to break, iDeer Blu-ray Player now can solve all the playback problems of Cinavia protected Blu-ray Discs, and also help users fix all kinds of protection in Blu-ray discs and play Blu-ray successfully on the computer. You can download the latest iDeer Blu-ray player v1.2.1 from our download link and have a try.

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