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Play Photo Slideshow on your Computer or TV with a Blu Ray Player Software

When having a party with your family at home or on your friends’ even your own wedding, playing photos on a big TV and sharing with all the present friends seems to be a sweet and a great idea. But the question is, when you hope your photos slideshow start on the TV automatically and loop on its own for a few hours, you find that not each TV can realize it. This requires a piece of photo player software--iDeer Blu ray player. Let's see how this photo player software work to help us.

Step 1 Free download iDeer Blu ray player ( Windows and Mac versions are both available, make sure you are downloading the one you need.

Step 2 Click the folder sign at bottom right corner of the interface, and choose Open File... You can also open file by clicking Open File...under File menu.



Step 3 Choose photos or images you wish to play in the pop up window, then click open button. iDeer Blu ray player, as the photo player software, will automatic start to play the slideshow.

Step 4 To reorder your photos. Click Window in the menu bar and choose Playlist in the dropdown list, you’ll find the photos you have choose listed in the right column, drag them to arrange the order of showing. Click repeat button to select the repeat mode.



Beside, you can also play photos on TV, as long as having your computer connected with TV, you can enjoy the shocking effect on a big inch TV on a party with your family or on a big party with the photos playing over and over again.

iDeer Blu ray player is not only a piece of free photo player software, but also a DVD, audio, video and Blu ray player with functional performance. For more information, please visit:

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