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How to Play The Wolverine 2 Blu-ray Movie on the Computer

The Wolverine 2 is the sixth installment in the X-Men film series and the second film headlining Wolverine after X-Men Origins: Wolverine in 2009. It follows the events of X-Men: The Last Stand, the wolverine travels to Japan and must fights deadly with samurai as well as his inner demons when stripped of his immortality. This film was released on Blu-ray on Dec 3, 2013. If you want to play The Wolverine 2 Blu-ray Movie on the Computer, you can follow below tutorial.

play The Wolverine 2 Blu-ray movie

Blu-ray Disc is currently the best resource of high-definition video up to 1080p and high-quality audio, but it is not a format file that Windows can open natively. It is a patented technology that requires Blu-ray playback license included in the player when you play any Blu-ray movie. Regular media player programs, such as Windows media Player or VLC media player, and Windows system do not natively support Blu-ray playback. To play a Blu-ray disc, you will basically need a Blu-ray drive and Blu-ray player software with Blu-ray playback license.

iDeer Blu-ray Player is a piece of professional Blu-ray player software officially authorized by BDA(Blu-ray Disc Association). It is one of the best Blu-ray player programs for home and office use and plays all latest Blu-ray discs, DVD, multiple video and audio formats without any loss in quality. The 1080p video and DTS 5.1 audio systems are included to get a better audiovisual experience. With the core technology- AirX, users can also watch Blu-ray movies on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch with Wi-Fi.

How to play The Wolverine 2 Blu-ray Disc?

1. Free download PC Blu-ray Player and install it.

2. Run the application, and insert the disc, the Player will automatically load the disc information and play the video. You can also click "Open Disc..." or press Ctrl+D to play the disc manually.

3. By right click or main menus, you can adjust video and audio settings, or share your opinion on Facebook or Twitter through the built-in Share button on the right bottom.

Follow the above steps, you can easily play The Wolverine 2 Blu-ray disc on your PC. If you want to play The Wolverine 2 3D Blu-ray, please make sure that your computer has 3D display capacity, 3D Blu-ray drive, and Blu-ray player software with 3D playback support, none of which can be excluded. To get more information about other popular Blu-ray movies, please enter Play popular Blu-ray Movies page.

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