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Need a region free Blu-ray player to play the protected Blu-ray or DVD disc?

In recent times, film makers came up with ways to protect their intellectual property from being pirated or even leaked to the public before public release. This has been done through the DVD region codes which are techniques to control the release of news and copyright content about their films such as the release date and prices. The regional codes are encoded in the disks regulating the sections that the disk can be played. Then you may ask, is there any region free Blu-ray player to play the protected Blu-ray or DVD disc?

region free bluray player

The newiDeer Blu-ray player is exactly what you need for your home or office. This new multimedia player plays all Blu-ray formats, multiple video and audio formats, DVD as well as photographs on both the Mac and PC. Some of the popular video formats that one can play with iDeer Blu-Ray Player are MOV, MP4, MP3, CD, MOV, MOV,MPEG, FLV, AAC and many others.

play all kinds of bluray and dvd formats

This player supports high-definition video and can play Blu-ray disks and DVD without altering or distorting the quality of the picture and sound. The quality of the player is high providing the user with basic and improved features such as the modifiable DVD regional coding. It has optimum viewing which allows the viewer to adjust the screen as they pleases without altering the picture and the control panels are easy to pilot through. New users will learn to navigate quickly since it is very user friendly but they can also easily customize the video and audio controls as needed.

This player allows users to share movies and information on social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. It has a built in share-button which allows friends to share their favorite movies or videos.

One of the amazing features about this iDeer Blu-ray player is that you can use it on both the Mac and the PC. These two operating systems are the most popular in the world with millions of users each. With many player software’s being selective on which OS would function with their software, this player operates on both because the makers understand that many users are split among these two and therefore they made versions that will operate on both of these systems. This has greatly opened up their market base because they will reach any customers either they use the Mac or the PC.

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