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How to Set Drive Region for iDeer Blu-ray Player?

When you insert the DVD into the drive and run iDeer Blu-ray Player, the "Drive Region" dialogue will pop up after a few seconds of loading. What is drive region and how to set drive region for iDeer Blu-ray Player? Please read the below article to learn more.

DVD video discs are encoded with a region code restricting the area of the world in which they can be played. The purpose is to prevent the playing of one region's discs in another region or control aspects of a release, including content, release date, and, especially, price, according to the region. And a player sold in a given place can not play discs encoded for a different region. There are basically 6 regions all over the world, which you can see in the above picture.

As for DVD player or iDeer Blu-ray Player, the regional code of the DVD is coordinated with the region you have set before. If you put the DVD from a different region into the drive, both the default DVD player and iDeer Blu-ray player will not play the DVD.

How to set drive region for iDeer Blu-ray Player?

When the dialogue pops up after inserting a DVD, you can directly select the region for your DVD drive from Change drive region to options. There are also three other options: "Cancel", "Set Drive Region" and "Continue".

1. Select "Cancel", iDeer Blu-ray Player will close and the video DVD will be ejected.
2. Select "Set Drive Region", you will get the region resetting dialogue. Here you should notice that there are only five times for region resetting.
3. Select "Continue", iDeer Blu-ray Player will continue reading the DVD. It will work or break, depending on different DVDs.

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