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How to Set Interface Background of iDeer Blu-ray Player for Windows

iDeer Blu-ray Player provides the function of customizing background, with which you can set your favourite Blu-ray player background with photos or pictures you like. Let's get to the point and see how to set iDeer PC Blu-ray player background.

1. Download the latest iDeer Blu-ray Player for PC and install it.

2. Start iDeer Blu-ray Player, then click "customize background..." in Window tab as in the following picture.

set iDeer Blu-ray Player background

3. Choose your favourite picture in the pop-up window and click Open.

set your favourite background2

4. Your favourite picture will show on iDeer Blu-ray Player as background. You can thus change your iDeer Blu-ray Player interface.

set your favourite background3

You can also use other pictures as iDeer Blu-ray Player background, it has no special requirement for the pictures. If you want to set back to default background, click Default Background in Window menu, then you can have the original interface background.

set your favourite background4

For more wallpapers to change, you can visit our wallpaper share and download channel. If you want to change background of iDeer Mac Blu-ray Player, you can enter How to Set Interface Background for iDeer Mac Blu-ray Player

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