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How to Use Share Feature of iDeer Blu-ray Player

When playing Blu-ray movies, you might want to share what you think about the movie with your friends on SNS sites, Facebook or Twitter. iDeer Blu-ray Player can help you do that. It is really a user-friendly PC Blu-ray player. With a built-in Share, you can share movie or video information with friends anywhere and anytime. Let’s see how to use Share button to share movie information to SNS Facebook or Twitter.

share movie information to sns facebook twitter

Step 1 Free download iDeer Blu-ray Player if you do not have one.

Step 2 Launch the program and insert a Blu-ray disc or DVD, the Player will automatically load Blu-ray information and play it. If you want to play any video format from computer hard drive, you can click Open File... Option or press Ctrl+ O to open the file.

Step 3 Click Share button on the lower right corner. Enter how you feel about the movie you are watching to share with your friends on SNS.

share movie information to sns

Facebook and Twitter are both supported. The default is Facebook, click Share you can share movie information to Facebook. If you want to share movie information to Twitter, you can click Twitter tab. To get tutorials about more features, please enter How to set iDeer Blu-ray Player page.

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