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How to take a snapshot from a playing Blu-ray video

When you are watching movies, there are times when you wish that a moment could be captured forever, maybe for a moving scene, a cute smile or other important event. How can we extract these special moments and save as images? Snapshot is available in iDeer Blu-ray Player. It is very convenient for you take a snapshot from a video without any professional software. Follow these steps to capture a video:

Step 1 Download iDeer Blu-ray Player and install it

You can first download iDeer Blu-ray Player from our official website if you don't have one, and then install it.

Step 2 Run iDeer Blu-ray Player and set destination for your snapshot.

After you starts iDeer Blu-ray Player, you can first set a path for the images you are going to take. Click Preferences in iDeer Bluray Player and set the save path in the pop-up dialogue box. The default path is your desktop, if you want to change it, please click "Choose" on the right side (as circled in the following picture), and choose the path you want to save your snapshots.

destination for snapshot setting

 snapshot setting

Step 3 Take a snap from video

Choose a video to play, when you want to take a snapshot of the video in the process of playing, just simply click Snapshot under Tools menu (see the following picture), or you can also press Ctrl+command+S key combination.

take a  snapshot

Note: If this key combination is in conflict with another one that is used in other program, pressing this key combination may launch another action. In this case, you have to reset or freeze the hot key of the other program. Then this hot key can be used to take a snapshot of the video.

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