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How to Update iDeer Blu-ray Player software

Updating iDeer Blu-ray Player is a very important process in using this tool. Blu-ray has all kinds of protection and new movies in this HD format come out constanly. If users don't update iDeer Blu-ray Player in time, playback for newly-released Blu-ray discs maynot be realized.

For users who want to update the application to the latest version and enjoy new features, here list two ways for you.

Option A. Click "Tools" menu, select "Check for Updates...", then it can help you check and finnish the update.

Check for updates

Option B. Download iDeer Blu-ray Player for PC from official website, or click for an update link to download the latest version directly. Install the new version and cover the original one.

With every update, your iDeer Blu-ray Player can support playback for more new movies, and it also runs more stably to guarantee you the excellent watching experience.

If your iDeer Blu-ray Player is the Mac version, please refer to How to Update iDeer Mac Blu-ray Player software. If you fail to get iDeer Mac Blu-ray Player updated, contact for support.

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