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How to Update iDeer Mac Blu-ray Player Software

Updates for Blu-ray player software are very important. In order to deal with new protections and make sure of the playback for newly-released movies, developers constantly release updated versions. Users can get better using experience through updating the application. Here list two ways for you to update your iDeer Mac Blu-ray Player software.


Option A:

1. Click "Tools" menu, select "Check for Updates..." and it can help you check and finish the update.

Check for updats


Option B:

2. Download the iDeer Mac blu-ray player from official website, or click for an update link to download the latest version directly. Install the new version and cover the original one.

update iDeer Mac Blu-ray Player


With either one of the above ways, updating the player software can be easily realized. If you are a user of iDeer PC Blu-ray Player, you can refer to this article How to Update iDeer Blu-ray Player software

If you fail to get your player software updated, contact for support.

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