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When Will Macs Support Blu-ray Playback?

“Can I play Blu-ray on Mac?”, “When can Mac play Blu-ray?”...These questions may have bothered Mac users for a long time. Back in 2008, Apple CEO Steve Jobs said: "Blu-ray is just a bag of hurt.", explaining the lack of Blu-ray drives on Apple’s newest line of notebooks. Due to the cost of Blu-ray license, Apple refused to support Blu-ray playback on Mac computers.

On October 22, 2013, Apple Inc released new desktop and server operating system for Macintosh computers, that is the Mac OS X Mavericks (Mac OS X 10.9). The slightest chance that Mac play Blu-ray fell through when no Blu-ray drive was included in Mac computers and no Blu-ray playback was supported by the new OS. The Mac may never support Blu-ray. Mac users should find some workarounds to get Mac the capacity to play this best format for movies.

Several years ago, PC Blu-ray software was created for Windows to play Blu-ray discs and files after Blu-ray drives were added to laptops. Some Mac users has to boot into Windows to use PC Blu-ray software if they want to play Blu-ray smoothly with an external Blu-ray drive. Later iDeerApp Software ported an awesome piece of software to the best hardware on the market, the Mac. iDeer Mac Blu-ray player was designed to effectively remove the AACS and other copy protection and read Blu-ray information on the Mac OS X.

With Mac Blu-ray player software, users can play all latest Blu-ray discs and DVD in different regions, as well as multiple video and audio formats. It supports the video and audio technology that deliver high-quality picture and sound and preserves all audio tracks (like DTS HD Master Audio, Dolby TrueHD Audio, etc.) and subs streams. With the core technology- AirX, users can also watch Blu-ray movies on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch with Wi-Fi. Free download iDeer Mac Blu-ray Player and have a try.

How to make Mac play Blu-ray?

Preparation: 1). An external Blu-ray drive; 2). Mac Blu-ray Player software; 3). Internet On; 4). A Blu-ray disc.

Steps: Run the application, and insert the disc into the Blu-ray drive, the player will automatically load the disc information and play the video. You can also click "Open Disc..." or press Ctrl+D to play the disc manually.

When Will Macs Play Blu-ray

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